Sunday, 13 December 2015


According to the viewers ratings, nowadays the most popular TV programme in Spain is, in general, “Sálvame” (“Save me” in English), a gossip TV show emitted every afternoon from Monday to Friday.
However, if we focus on the three main time bands, another two kinds of TV programmess have also a lot of followers. They are social TV programmes, about politic and social issues, really on fashion since some years ago, and typical reality shows. The first kind is the king of the screens in the mornings and the second one is that in the evenings. Both of them are safe bets.
It’s important to say that these datas are related to an adult audience, as there are several specialized TV channels for children. Obviously, they prefer watching cartoons anytime of the day.

“Sálvame” last more than 4 hours each day. There are a group of talkers and journalists that talk about the celebrities’ lifes and themselves, as if their lifes depended on it.  They have really hard discussions, highly rudely, as if they would be into their houses instead of being live on TV.
Its audience enjoy watching these heated arguments, often overly dramatized. There are people who laugh and cry with them. Even, some of them say that feel these characters like they would be relatives! It’s something truly crazy but that’s life!
On the other hand, there are many people who really hates this TV show. But nevertheless I think part of them usually watch it secretly, because the number of people that admit watching it and the viewer ratings are not coincident… My opinión is that there are people who feel embarrassed because "nobody" recognize to be a gossip.

I usually watch this TV programme because I find it entertaining. Besides, it permits me to do different tasks at the same time, such as my home chores, job’s things, surfing the net with my laptop, etc. On the contrary, when I'm watching a film, for example, my mind must be totally focus on it.

Of course, when I have nothing to do, I prefer watching a TV series or a movie, they are much more interesting.

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  1. Really good essay. I really like the way you structured the essay with each paragraph having a clear focus.
    There are only a few things I would like you to go back, check and try to correct. 1) show emitted every afternooon (a different verb would be more suitable here
    2) celebrities’ lifes
    3) highly rudely (in the next paragraph you correctly wrote 'overly dramatized', what's the problem in 'highly rudely'?
    4)"nobody" recognize to be a gossip' (like the first one, the problem here is the verb. It doesn't fit very well. Can you find another one?

    Overall, solid essay. Good use of appropriate vocabulary considering the essay's topic. One last thing, always check the word limit and avoid going over it.