Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Timeline Bataclan attack

On Friday night, multiple coordinated terrorist attacks were carried out throughout Paris. The most outrageous of them happened at the well-known Bataclan concert hall. 

Whilst the rock band “Eagles of Death Metal” was playing a gig, three assailants came in the building. The terrorists had pulled up their car close to the entrance of the concert hall where they got ready for the attack. 

The gunmen had been watching the concert from one of galleries of the hall before they started firing at the crowd, and after that, they took several hostages. Amid the panic, some people fled to safety through an emergency exit. 

2 hours later, the security police launched an assault at Bataclan. They had been planned how to enter at the hall until eventually the police came through and shot at the attackers. Two of the terrorists are thought to have blown themselves up.  

As a result, at least 80 people were killed as well as countless injured.


  1. Brief but good account of the Bataclan attack. I think you should try and re-write the last couple of words. Uncountable doesn't collocate with injured. However, I see what you are trying to say! Also in the third paragraph you could use possessive 'apostrophe s' in one of the nouns to make it sound more natural! Write a comment here when you have done those corrections. See you later!

    1. I've just corrected the mistake in the last paragraph (or I hope so), but I can't see what the problem is with the possessive.

    2. Good job with the correction. Countless injured sounds a lot better!