Wednesday, 9 December 2015


The International Development Agency has given our town a grant to be spent on improving transport and housing facilities.
The Planning Director invites you to send a proposal outlining any problem with existing transport and housing facilities and explaining how they can be improved. A decision can then be made about how the money should be spent.


Over the last few years, our town has experienced many changes in different ways in a very brief period of time. Therefore, an outline about the problems related to transport and housing facilities is more necessary than ever.

As regards public transport, there are some points that must be sorted out as soon as possible. Buses and trains with delays by 15-30 minutes are quite usual and not only in the rush hours, not to mention the shortage of timetables. Another shortcoming is the high price of the tickets; the grant would help to cut down on fares for students and retired in order to encourage the use of these means of transport.  

As far as housing facilities, young people have difficulty in looking for an apartment according to their needs. Nowadays, there are quite a lot empty houses and taking advantage of this situation, a solution may be to use a part of the grant to boost renting and housing benefits. Apart from that, the water and electricity supply services should be improved. There are some neighbourhoods where the water tastes weird due to the old piping system as well as the chlorine. Moreover, some residential buildings suffer blackouts every day.

I hope that my proposals will be useful and taken into account. It is a matter of paramount importance to make an effort to overcome these issues in a near future.

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  1. I really like this essay, solid structure, solid arguments. Just a few points as you can see:
    1) are quite usual and not only in the rush hours (I see what you are trying to say here but the structure is a bit problematic. Maybe try the 'not only...but also' structure)
    2) not to mention the shortage of timetables (Here I am not sure what you mean by shortage of timetables. Are you talking about those found in the bus stops? Try to clarify.
    3) As far as housing facilities,... (We either say 'as far as something is concerned' or ' concerning the...'
    4) In a near future? indefinite article?

    Keep up the good work Enrique!