Monday, 18 January 2016

New Year´s Resolution

A New Year’s resolution is a tradition in some occidental countries in which a person makes promises or wishes with the aim of self-improving his/her lifestyle or changing bad habits, etc. 

As of New Year’s Day, those people who have made a resolution have the whole year to accomplish it. The most popular purposes are, for example, to give up smoking, drink less alcohol and lose some weight. Apart from that, people make resolutions about all you can imagine such as saving up money, take a trip, be more assertive, settle down, and have kids and so on. 

Unfortunately, a great deal of New Year’s Resolution doesn’t come true. It is said that 90% of people fail in their attempt to fulfil their resolutions. Regarding to losing some weight, the lack of will or the impossibly of finding a gap to work out are the most common alibis. In order to achieve your targets, one tip is to put limits; it is advisable to make resolutions more measurable and more specific. If your goal is giving up smoking, try smoking fewer cigarettes each fortnight, from one pack per day to one pack per week and so on. It will be much easier to accomplish your resolutions going “step by step”.


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